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In the 15th and 16th century the 'Jagdschloss' was a feudal estate of Ehrenfels Castle at the 'Binger Loch'. In 1705 it was acquired by the prince bishops of Mayence, who were reigning over the Rheingau, for the family of the counts of Ostein - chamberlains of the prince bishops.

In 1764, Maximilian of Ostein built the present main building as a hunting seat, the 'Jagdschloss', on the solely agricultural estate. In 1835 the dukes of Nassau took over the estate and the 'Jagdschloss' and started to arrange the 'Niederwald' like a park, taking into account the natural conditions of the site and laying thus the foundation for the present 'Wildlife Park Rheingau - Lower Taunus'.

In the middle of the 19th century extensive parts of today’s state of Hesse belonged to Prussia, and in old documents it was mentioned the 'Jagdschloss' also became a part of Prussia. The main building - in the meantime estate of the state of Hesse - was destroyed by a fire in 1925 and was rebuilt by 1929 according to the old plans, having in mind for the first time to use the building for lodging. Before Wolrd War II it was a comfortable holiday hotel for families, during the war a military hospital, then a recreational home for American army officers.

In July 1948 a meeting took place in the 'Grüner Salon', the socalled 'Niederwald Conference' with participation of Konrad Adenauer and the German heads of provinces, in which the foundation for today’s German Constitution was layed.

In the mid - sixties the farming area was leased, and the Land of Hesse started step by step to convert the 'Jagdschloss' into a modern hotel and a place of exquisite hospitality.

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 Konrad Hermann Joseph Adenauer (* 5. Januar1876 in Köln; † 19. April1967 in Rhöndorf; actually Conrad Hermann Joseph Adenauer) was the first Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany from 1949 to 1963 and at the same time the first Federal Minister of the Foreign Office from 1951 to 1955.

The lawyer and member of the Catholic Center Party already had a political career during the German Empire and the Weimar Republic: He was mayor of Cologne, belonged to the Prussian manorial family and was President of the Prussian State Council. During the National Socialist era, he was relieved of his posts and imprisoned for a time.

Adenauer was one of the founders of the CDU, which chaired the party from 1950 to 1966. As President of the Parliamentary Council and as the first Federal Chancellor and Foreign Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany, he shaped an entire era. The 73-year-old when he took office campaigned for Bonn as the federal capital, stood for a policy of western ties and European unification and an active role for the Federal Republic in NATO. In terms of economic policy, Adenauer stands for the system of the social market economy. He pursued an anti-communist course at home and towards the Soviet Union and its satellite states.

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