our effort for all of us

Dear Guests,

Nothing is as much in focus today as sustainable living and behaviour - especially in relation to energy and consumer goods. For us, many measures have been part of our concept for years:

* Reusable instead of disposable - for both drinks and shampoo dispensers

* Solar powered heating system for our indoor pool

* Cloth napkins instead of paper

* Instructions for changing towels in the room - daily or as required

* Regional providers of food, drinks and wines to ensure short transport routes

* Our special feature: game from local forests, our hunters provide us with deer, wild boar and stag

* Environmentally friendly cleaning products - as much as necessary; as little chemicals as possible

* Heaters with outdoor temperature sensors and centrally controlled day / night setting

* Energy-saving appliances in the kitchen, administration and housekeeping

* digital guest directory instead of paper; menus are available via QR code

Ausserdem - sonstiges rund um Ihren nachhaltigen Aufenthalt bei uns:

Anfahrt per Bus 187 - nachhaltig und bequem mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln anreisen (Haltestelle Sportplatz / Assmannshausen)

 Weiterhin nutzen wir klimafreundliche Mietwäsche und schonen so unsere Umwelt.